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Secret Strategies Used By Professional Athletes, Olympic Teams, US Military, & Entreprenuers

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Who Is Sam Nott?

After struggle with the mental side of performance himself as a Div I athlete, when his playing career ended he coached 360 days a year for 5 years, coaching 17,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions.

He's realized that sports preparation is becoming increasingly scientific...

Athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before...AND working on the mental side is the biggest way in which an elite performer can separate themselves.

Since 2013 he has worked with high school, college, professional, and Olympic level athletes and coaches.

He has taken these same principles and applied them to health, wealth, relationships, and happiness. 

As a business owner and passionate dog owner, he bases his entire life on one principle...the ancient Greeks called it ARETE...which means striving towards excellence in all areas of life.


There Are Actually A Few Things...

From: Sam Nott 

How can 2 people receive the same coaching, same training, have the same circumstances, and get completely different results?

After launching multiple businesses, giving  17,000+ 1-on-1 coaching lessons, and investing tens of thousands on my own money into personal coaches, and training programs, I've come to realize one thing...


So what makes this program different that others? 

Other coaching programs try to squeeze you through the same program as everyone else.

First of all...

One-size fits all programs tend to fit none...


Coaches often have the best intentions... 


It's like Jim Rohn said "If your worst enemy pours sugar into your coffee, you'll just have sweet coffee. But if your best friend, even with the best of intentions, accidentally drops strychnine (poison) in your coffee, you're dead. Life is both sugar and strychnine, so protect your coffee!"

So the coaching program is tailored towards the individual. Using strategies taught by my mentors who are known throughout the world as leading experts on human psychology & have been proven to generate tremendous results with the clients I have worked with. 

If you are serious about mastering your inner game and implementing the strategies to get over the barriers that are stuck in your way, schedule a call today!

Stay Strong!



These Are Just A Small Handful Of Testimonials...👇

Derek Chin
 Professional Hockey Player  

Ali Alian
 Olympic Qualifier Taekwondo  

Andrew Caron
 Professional Baseball Player

Tobias Hyttel
 Olympic Qualifier Taekwondo

Currently Serving 6 Separate Countries!

More Testimonials...

Andy Pineda

Sam Napier

What is performance coaching?
Performance coaching is figuring out what your biggest obstacles are, using proven strategies to help you overcome that obstacle, and guiding you along the process of change. 
What age should someone start working with a coach?
There is no age restriction. We all need coaching at various parts of our development. More importantly, you should ask...how committed am I?
What results can I expect from mental training?
Results from our clients can show as soon as the first session. However, my philosophy is that what we train to help our performance during competition will also translate to help us in other areas of life. 
What techniques do you use?
All of our 1-on-1 coaching uses techniques that are tailored specifically for you. We do not place anybody into a box, we understand that they all have various backgrounds and needs...therefore they need their own unique techniques for change. 
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