Unlock Mental Resilience: 
Own Your Journey of Mental Health

Who is Sam Nott?

Sam is a speaker, coach, and author that helps you and your organization perform more consistently, overcome mental barriers, eliminate self-sabotage, and gain a competitive edge.

After struggling with the mental side of performance himself as a D I athlete, over the past 11  years Sam has been obsessed with helping others win from the inside out using secret strategies that have been used by Olympic Teams and US Military.

As a successful keynote speaker Sam helps high school and college organizations to overcome obstacles and achieve goals that have always been just out of reach.

He is the founder of Sam Nott Research International and passionate dog owner, he bases his entire life on one principle...the ancient Greeks called it ARETE...which means striving towards excellence in all areas of life.

What Others Are Saying About Sam...

"He gave us some great tools to work with to overcome challenges in their school life, athletic life, and deal with challenges we all face as humans"

Beth Hammond
Salisbury School, Connecticut 

"We just had a seminar with Sam and I've never seen my kids so engaged and focused. He does a great job informing them and giving them the tools they need to move forward"

Jason Hockenberry
Susquenita High School 


Mental Health Discovery For Students: How To STOP Being Your Own Worst Enemy And Win From The Inside Out

A Roadmap for Students to Achieve Mental Wellness

Students will embark on a journey to better mental health and self-discovery. "Mental Health Discovery For Students: How To STOP Being Your Own Worst Enemy And Win From The Inside Out" addresses the pervasive issue of self-sabotage and provides students with practical, actionable strategies to overcome it.

Through engaging storytelling and evidence-based techniques, the talk delves into the importance of self-awareness, positive thinking, and resilience. Students will learn how to identify and change negative thought patterns, build self-confidence, and cultivate a mindset geared towards success and well-being.

Designed to inspire and equip, this speech offers valuable insights and tools that students can immediately apply to transform their inner dialogue, foster mental well-being, and achieve their personal and academic goals.

Ideal Audiences:

  • Mental Health & Wellness Events
  • ​New Student Orientation
  • First Year Experience 

Empowering Performance: Strategies for Athletes to Seize Control and Achieve Consistency

Discover The Mental Keys To Athletic Success

In the high-pressure world of athletics, physical prowess alone is not enough. "Empowering Performance: Strategies for Athletes to Seize Control and Achieve Consistency" is a dynamic speech designed to help athletes unlock their full potential by mastering the mental aspects of their sport.

This engaging and motivational talk dives deep into the psychological strategies that drive consistent performance and success. Athletes will learn how to cultivate a winning mindset, develop mental resilience, and maintain focus under pressure. By exploring techniques such as visualization, goal-setting, and positive self-talk, this speech provides athletes with the mental tools they need to enhance their performance.

Tailored to athletes at all levels, from amateur to professional, this presentation emphasizes the importance of mental toughness and emotional control. It offers practical advice on overcoming setbacks, staying motivated, and achieving peak performance consistently.

Ideal Audiences:

  • Athletics 
  • ​New Student Orientation
  • ​Leadership Development
  • First Year Experience 

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